14th October 2022

Whole School and Key Stage Assemblies
We start our week with a whole school assembly led by Mr Abey, our Headteacher. The assembly celebrates the achievements of the week including work added to 'Our Brightest Work' board, pupils who have worked hard to improve something, pupils who have learnt a new skill or supported someone else.
We then look at the key value or virtue of the week. So far this term, we have looked at:
kindness, resilience, respect, thoughtfulness, curiosity and courage.
Years 5&6 have also looked at staying safe online and friendships. 
On a Wednesday, we have our singing assembly where we learn new songs and perform to others. 
We are also pleased to be able to welcome 'Open the Book' back into school. They are a group of volunteers from our local church community who share stories from The Bible with us all.