EYFS Writing Workshop


1st November 2022

Pre-School and Reception Writing Workshop - Tuesday 8th November 2022

As part of our ongoing series of workshops, parents and grandparents were invited to a workshop that focussed on the development of writing and how we teach writing in school. 

Mrs Bayes, Deputy Headteacher and Reception Class Teacher, led a short information session detailing how we teach writing in the early years and sharing practical and fun ideas that can be done at home.

We talked about writing being very tricky and the importance of children being physically ready before they can hold a pencil. We also emphasised the links with our earlier workshops and the importance of high quality talk with our children and the impact this has on their learning. 

The parents and grandparents then joined their child in a wide range of activities, both in our indoor and outdoor provision, learning together and developing the skills of writing.

Sessions in both Pre-School and Reception ended with parents and their children taking part in a ‘Dough Disco’ activity. 

Lots of fun and learning was had by all!