Science Week 2023


17th March 2023

Science Week 2023
Science Week is always a highlight of our school year when we all participate in a wide range of scientific learning enhanced by visitors coming to school. 
The Animal Experience came along with a range of animals to help us learn about habitats and adaptation. We had the opportunity to handle both familiar and exotic pets including a sugar glider, chinchilla, tortoise, bearded dragon, python and a tegu lizard. 
Science Teachers from our local secondary school, Cromwell Community College, came to teach our Year 5 pupils about the heart and lungs and included a dissection. Year 6 discovered lots about catalysts and speeding up chemical reactions. They carried out an experiment mixing liver with hydrogen peroxide and washing up liquid. They also took part in an elephant's toothpaste experiment.
Thank you to all the staff for organising the sessions and to Miss Thomas, Year 6 Teacher and Science Subject Lead, for organising our amazing visitors!