Year 2 Reading Cafe Sessions


5th July 2022

Our Year 2 pupils and their parents and grandparents took part in a Reading Cafe which ran over three sessions.
Extracts were read from the book, 'The Boy Who Grew Dragons' by Andy Shepherd and related activities were completed, for example, writing a diary entry and a character description and using a dictionary to discover new vocabulary and their meanings.
Our Year 2 pupils also baked some healthy snacks with Mrs McBeath to serve as refreshments during the sessions - banana muffins, apple pie oat bars and cookies.  They were delicious!  The recipes were collated into a booklet for parents and pupils to take home so they can continue baking!
At the final session, the pupils were given another book in the series, 'The Boy Who Lived With Dragons', to take home and keep, together with some question prompt cards to further develop reading at home.
The feedback from parents and pupils was very positive.
"I enjoyed spending time with my mum and dad and showing them my learning."
"It was fun baking the healthy foods and letting mum and nan taste them."
"I liked the story and discovering the adventures as the dragon grew bigger."
"I was able to spend time with mummy and daddy helping them do the activities."
"Working with mummy was fun and having a book to share at home is good.  I like reading."
The funding for this event was through the Opportunity Area scheme.