Vision Statement

The purpose of the school is to provide quality education, through partnership with parents, whilst putting children at the centre of all we do.

All  the  systems,  structures  and  policies  must  be  in  place  to  enhance the quality of learning experienced by the children in our care and improve their standards of achievement.

We  believe  quality  education  is  founded  on  the  strong  foundation  of  basic skills,  which  are  promoted  throughout  the  school,  but  particularly  in  the early years.

This  strong  foundation enables  children  to  benefit  from an  extensive range of experiences and activities as they progress through the school.

To  assist in giving  children  the best start  possible,  the staffing  policy  of  the school discriminates in favour of the early years.
We believe in a strong partnership between school and home, encouraging parental involvement in all aspects of the school.
All relationships in school should be founded on respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness.
We expect everyone in school to work to the best of their ability at all times.
                              Putting children first                      Progress through partnership