Art Project

5th March 2019
Local primary schools located in Chatteris, March and the surrounding villages are working together on a 'Celebrating Fenland' Art project for Year 3 pupils.
This morning, our pupils set off for Westwood Primary School, in March.  They took the designs they had drafted in their own classroom last week.  At Westwood, they worked with clay, rolling it out into a square tile before using clay tools to complete their designs.  The tiles were then glazed.
Sixty pupils from Westwood Primary School arrived at Lionel Walden ready to complete observational drawings of buildings and monuments within Doddington.  These included St Mary's Church, the War Memorial, the Clock Tower, the Round House, the gold Royal Mail post box and the school's bell tower.  Following an explanation of the task, including a demonstration of techniques such as shading, stippling and cross-hatching, the pupils sat in groups with a member of staff and a range of drawing pencils and paper.  All of the pupils were engaged and produced some excellent work.
Thank you to all pupils for participating with such enthusiasm and making the experience an enjoyable one for all involved.
Thank you to all staff for planning and preparing for the activity and for accompanying the children and working with them.
We shall be holding an exhibition at Lionel Walden, on Wednesday 27th March (5.30pm to 7pm), of the work produced by the local cluster of schools.  More details will follow.