Cake Stall for Charity

31st March 2017
A huge thank you to pupils, parents and staff for the overwhelming generosity shown today in raising £400 from the cake stall held at break time and after school.
Whether you made cakes, bought cakes to send into school or purchased from the wonderful selection on offer, your contributions are very much appreciated.  This fundraising day has involved pupils making cakes (and the many mathematical elements associated with this), running the stalls and counting the money!
Eleven members of staff (Mrs Barnard-Taylor, Miss Atkinson, Miss Bennett, Miss Coulthurst, Mrs Fiore, Mrs Jones, Mrs Gupta, Mrs McBeath, Mrs Naughton, Mrs Riches and Mrs Trevayne-Smith) are taking part in the London Moonwalk Marathon in May to raise money and awareness for vital breast cancer causes.  Their team name is 'Lionel's Ladies'.
For further information, please speak to Mrs Barnard-Taylor.