Corridor Displays - A Look At Reading

3rd February 2020
Our new corridor displays depict certain aspects of Reading which our different year groups focus on.
Pre-School: Early Reading - activities which include the sharing of books, the 'reading' of pictures, etc.
Reception:: Once Upon A Time - listening to, reading and writing traditional stories
Year 1: The Phonic Fairy - using the knowledge of phonics to read books and all types of writing
Year 2: George's Marvellous Medicine - using recall to show understanding of the text
Year 3: Reading Gives Our Imagination Wings - a love of reading leads to creativity in our own writing
Year 4: Birds - carrying out research through reading and producing our own information texts
Year 5: Inference - developing the skill of inference through the sharing of the class reading book 'Pax'
Year 6: The Highwayman - reading poetry and studying change of viewpoint of characters
Please come into school and have a closer look at our beautiful work on display...