Explorer Dome

16th September 2016
Explorer Dome (a mobile, inflatable planetarium) visited us today with hands-on demonstrations, stunning visuals and enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters to bring Science alive!
Classes 4 to 8 were actively engaged in activities to help them understand renewable energy (with a focus on local wind farms), the causes and consequences of the greenhouse effect and the make-up of solar systems and how to locate specific constellations.  The talks were very interesting and topics were brought to life.  For example, dry-ice formed clouds around us to help us imagine we were up in the sky.
"It was excellent and made me think a lot about the stars and planets.  I learnt about energy-saving and I now know that wind turbines are even more important than I first thought!  I would watch it all over again!" - Kira (Year 6)
"I enjoyed seeing the stars and the wind turbines.  We used torches to help us see in the dark.  I loved everything about it and would love to do it all again soon!"  - Amber (Year 6)