Fenland High 5 Netball Tournament

29th March 2019
This morning, we participated in the Fenland High 5 Netball Tournament at Cromwell Community College in Chatteris.
Our team played very well and we came 6th out of sixteen teams.  We were presented with a special certificate which acknowledged our teamwork and encouragement of each other.
Our team members reported:
"Everyone played very well and listened to the other team members and tried their hardest."
"Some teams were tough opponents - they were very tall!  It was great fun though and we were a good team."
"It was really good.  I loved playing against the other teams and I liked watching them.  I love sport."
"I liked being part of it and I scored some goals!"
"Some of the matches were difficult because the opponents were taller than us and they play together more often." 
"I think we played very well together as a team."
Thank you to our staff members, Miss Bennett and Mrs Gupta, for supporting the team today.