Healthy Week

1st February 2016
1st - 5th February is 'Healthy Week'!
This is an annual event which aims to raise everyone's awareness of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle.  Pupils have the opportunity to try different types of exercise, learn about a balanced diet, how to keep their bodies clean and healthy, the importance of getting a good night's sleep and how to improve mental well-being.
Thank you to those parents and visitors who came into school to share their expertise!  We were shown correct running techniques and encouraged to participate in our own cross-country event.  Cambridge United Football Club worked with pupils on the development of ball control and football skills.  We also continued to enjoy our weekly sessions of Molly Dancing, Multi-sports, Street Dance and swimming.  We had the opportunity to make a healthy breakfast and design an eye-catching cereal box.  Some Year 5/6 pupils took part in an inter-school Cross Country competition.