Healthy Week

12th February 2021
This week we held our annual Healthy Week, despite being in lockdown with the majority of our pupils engaged in remote learning.
This year's theme was 'Keeping Our Minds and Bodies Healthy' and the week began with a Healthy Week Quiz for all children whether at home or in school.
Sadly, lockdown meant we could not invite guests into school but, fortunately, several of our usual visitors were happy to join us virtually with various activities.  Thank you to the following:-
Chris Goodman from Chatteris Town Football Club
Mike and Lesley from Chatteris Tang Soo Do Club
Chatteris Tennis Club
We also had involvement from parents: Mr Conroy who led an exercise session; Mr Jones who spoke about the fitness required for members of the Fire Service; and Mrs Taylor's (Year 5 Class Teacher) sister who is a practising dentist and provided information on teeth and how to look after them properly.
The children participated in fitness routines and drills.  They investigated the effect of exercise on the body, specifically their heart rates.
Other work around the school included the study of balanced diets and the designing and making of healthy snack bars, milkshakes and fruit kebabs.
The benefits of getting enough sleep and keeping our bodies clean and healthy were discussed.  We also focussed on the need to follow strict hygiene rules during this pandemic.
Thank you to Miss Bennett (PE Subject Lead) for organising this annual event.