Healthy Week February 2015

Healthy Week is an annual event which takes place in February.
Each class, and Pre-School, adapt their normal timetable to include many additional learning experiences which promote leading a healthy lifestyle.  This complements their planned work which is carried out throughout the year.
This year our pupils were involved in finding out about the choices we can make to help us lead a healthier lifestyle through food, exercise, sleep, general hygiene and being happy and safe (mental well-being).  Our excellent kitchen staff were greatly involved and encouraged the children to try a wider range of fruit and vegetables!  Some classes visited the kitchen to watch them at work, busy preparing our delicious school lunches.
Physical activity was undertaken every day and new activities were introduced.  This year we had a football coach from Cambridge City Football Club working with our pupils in Years 3 to 6 to help them develop their ball skills and team games.  This was also run in conjunction with a new football academy which is being set up at Cromwell Community College.  Our Year 6 pupils, supported by students from Cromwell Community College, also participated in the 'Kick Ash' anti-smoking programme, which is led by the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) Service.  This is the Service who bring the Life Education Centre to us every two years.  It last visited in June and you may have visited one of the sessions open to parents or remember the bus being parked on the playground for a week.