Inter-Village Schools' Sports Afternoon

4th July 2019
Congratulations to Lionel Walden!
This afternoon, competitors from schools in Benwick, Christchurch (Townley), Manea and Wimblington (Thomas Eaton) joined us in Doddington, at Lionel Walden, for this annual event for pupils in Years 3 to 6.
Lionel Walden were the Overall Winners but all schools did extremely well despite some of them only having a small number of eligible pupils in each year group.
Parents and grandparents were welcomed on to the field to watch the children participate in a range of events including the following races for individuals - flat, obstacle, egg and spoon, skipping and distance - plus the following team events - ball in hoop, tunnel ball and relay.
All children enjoyed competing and were able to sit under the shade of the trees and drink water as they cheered on their team.
Thank you to everyone involved - the afternoon was a great success.