Internet Safety for Pupils and Parents

7th February 2019
This week, all classes participated in activities which highlighted to pupils the potential dangers associated with using the internet, both at home and at school, and what to do if such risks arise.
On Tuesday 5th February, we celebrated 'Safer Internet Day' and looked at a range of resources available to schools to help put the message across clearly to all pupils about the dangers of being online!
On Thursday 7th February, all parents, carers and grandparents were invited into school for an E-Safety Information Meeting.  Craig Thompson, from the ICT Service, provided guidance and tips for using the internet safely.  He suggested useful websites for pupils and parents to access.  Mrs McBeath, who teaches our Year 4 pupils and is our Computing Subject Lead, gave a brief outline of the school's Computing Curriculum and was available to answer questions.  Parents had the opportunity to look at a range of books which focus on e-safety and these were distributed to parents at the end of the evening through a free raffle.
Everyone who attended this meeting was very positive about the session and went away with useful information.
"So much information given very clearly - even for me who is not very tech savvy.  It was very useful and I would recommend it to other parents."
"Very informative and helpful to know which websites I can use to find information and guidance at home when I need to."
"Very informative.  I thought I had a good grasp of what is available but there were elements I was not aware of."
"So much I didn't think about before.  Some excellent resources - more parents need to attend."
"I gained lots of valuable information regarding new apps.  I went home and talked to my children.  The talks were useful.  Raffle was a great idea."
"Lots of great information and resources."
"Very well presented and an eye-opener."