Kick Ash Programme

26th January 2016
This afternoon, all Year 6 pupils were involved in the 'Kick Ash' programme with Cathy Murphy from the PSHE Service and a group of Year 10 students from Cromwell Community College.
The aim was to inform us of the dangers and risks associated with smoking, to prevent us from starting smoking and to understand that many different kinds of people are equally likely to become smokers.  We were involved in several activities which included role-play and the making of posters.
It was an excellent afternoon and was of benefit to all Year 6 pupils.  We would like to thank Cathy and the Cromwell students for coming to Lionel Walden.  We would recommend that they come each year to work with Year 6. 
It was informative, educational and fun - but with a serious message!
Roxy and Callum (Year 6)