'Keep Healthy' Displays

2nd February 2018
Pupils in all classes and Pre-School have enjoyed participating in Healthy Week and have created displays linked to this theme.
Pre-School: The Very Hungry Caterpillar (learning about the different foods eaten)
Reception: Eating the Alphabet (a range of healthy food options)
Year 1: Healthy Me! (tasting different fruits)
Year 2: Oliver's Vegetables (learning about different vegetables and how to grow them)
Year 3: Fruits of the World (finding out where certain foods are grown)
Year 4: Diet (creating a healthy menu and making fruit smoothies)
Year 5: Which Sport? (finding out about the sports pupils participate in)
Year 6: Learn a New Skill (how to encourage and develop a healthy mind)
 Our displays highlight the range of work which has taken place and include different types of writing, paintings and photographs...