Maths Workshop for Parents

7th March 2017
Many parents and grandparents of our children in Pre-School and Reception came into school this afternoon to take part in a wide range of Maths activities together.
They were welcomed by our Headteacher, Mrs Barnard-Taylor, and then received an informative talk by Mrs Riches, our Reception teacher, about the development of the pupils' learning in Maths.
Everyone joined in with a whole range of activities both within the classrooms and the outdoor learning environment.  Parents and children were encouraged to continue the activities together at home.
"The many and varied activities are all enjoyable and help the children learn through having fun!"
"Lots of practical activities covering lots of different Maths - and not just Number.  Great support from staff suggesting what to do next."
"I love the fact that I am interacting with my son at school!"
"It made me think outside the box - numbers are everywhere!"