Maths Workshop for Parents

17th January 2019
Many parents and grandparents were welcomed into Pre-School and our Reception Class this afternoon to find out about the teaching of Maths and to join in with 'hands on' activities!
They were greeted by Mrs Barnard-Taylor, our Headteacher, and were then given an informative talk by Mrs Riches, our Reception teacher.
Everyone participated in a wide range of learning experiences within the classrooms and the outdoor area.  Parents and children were encouraged to continue their learning at home and were provided with leaflets containing ideas for activities which can be carried out with everyday materials and resources. 
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and to all the staff involved.
"The session was really informative and has given me lots of ideas to use at home.  I really enjoyed coming into school and having the opportunity to see what my child does and how he learns and to speak to the teachers."
"I've been to lots of these sessions now and there are always different ideas and activities."
"It gives me different ideas for home.  It's nice to come in and see where my child spends her time and what she is learning."
"It's good to be able to see how my child learns in the classroom environment, how I can encourage his learning at home and get different ideas of activities I can perform with him."
"It was lovely to see the children in their classroom environment.  The session has given me some ideas to use at home."
"It's good to be able to interact with my child.  It was very helpful having activity cards at each station."
"I was given an insight into how children learn about numbers and basic arithmetic in different ways."
"It was fun and interactive.  The activities are easy to copy at home."
"It was good to see and participate in activities with our daughter and learn easy activities to do with her at home."