Our Corridor Displays

28th January 2019
Our new corridor displays are linked to our Personal, Social and Health Education or PSHE Curriculum.
From Pre-School to Year 6, we learn about how to keep healthy, the importance of friendship and relationships, the development of a growth mindset and resilience and why we should celebrate our differences.
The displays showcase work as follows:-
Pre-School: Wow! - Sharing our achievements from beyond Pre-School
Reception Class: We Are All Different - Looking at us as individuals based on the story of Elmer
Year 1: Marvellous Me - Celebrating our strengths and talents
Year 2: The Rainbow Fish - Celebrating individuality and treating others how you would like to be treated
Year 3: Best of British - A look at some of Britain's famous sites
Year 4: Healthy Me - Learning how to have a healthy mind and healthy body
Year 5: Friendship - What is the meaning of this and why do we value our friends?
Year 6: You Are Awesome - Changing a fixed mindset to a growth mindset and achieving success!
Please come in and take a closer look...