Phonics and Reading Workshop for Parents

8th October 2019
Many parents and grandparents joined the children in our Reception Class and Pre-School this afternoon to learn more about phonics and reading.
They were welcomed by our Headteacher, Mrs Barnard-Taylor, before receiving an informative talk by Mrs Riches, our Reception Class teacher, about speaking and listening, phonics and the early stages of reading.
Everyone then joined in with a wide range of activities, within the Early Years Foundation Stage classrooms and outdoor learning environment, to aid development of phonics and the acquisition of early reading skills.  Parents and children were encouraged to try lots of activities at home and were provided with information to take away.
" My son was really engaged and loved going from table to table; he really liked the sand and the musical section.  He loved the outdoor reading area and said it was like camping."
"Lots of good ideas to try at home to practise phonics and reading.  Everything was great."
"Informative.  Great ideas for phonics games/activities.  Nice that 'idea slips' were available for parents to take away."
"Great to spend time with my daughter in the classroom and playing games that we wouldn't usually think to play at home.  Good to see how comfortable she is in the classroom environment.  She thought it was fun having mummy to play with."
"It was good to have the leaflets and information combined with the games to try."
"It was lovely to be involved in my child's learning and being encouraged by staff.  It has given me some helpful ideas on how to teach more at home."
"I really enjoyed the activities - lots of ideas for fun things to do at home - thank you!"
"I enjoyed all the activities and finding new ways to help my son learn how to sound and write letters."
"I enjoyed being led by my child and seeing them learn and explore."