Phonics and Writing Workshop for Parents

7th November 2018
Many parents and grandparents joined us in Pre-School and our Reception Class this afternoon to learn more about how their children develop the skills necessary to become writers.
Everyone was welcomed by our Headteacher, Mrs Barnard-Taylor, and then received an informative talk by Mrs Riches, our Reception teacher.
They then joined in with a wide range of activities within the Early Years Foundation Stage classrooms and the outdoor learning environment.  There were lots of ideas and information sheets to take away and use at home to aid their children's development.
"Interesting and informative."
"Good to have interactive activities which can be used at home, time to talk to the teacher and time to work with my child."
"This is the second time round for me attending these workshops and I still really enjoy finding out what my son does at school and how he learns.  I also find it useful to know how I can carry on helping him learn at home too."
"It is just nice to see my son in his classroom and seeing the types of activities he does.  It has also given me ideas to try at home."