Science Week

13th March 2020

Science Week (9th to 13th March), is always a highlight of the school year.

The week incorporates science, technology, engineering and maths activities with all children taking part in a wide range of exciting learning experiences to further develop their knowledge and ignite enquiry and fascination.

Our Science Homework Challenge, once again, produced some amazing and creative entries. The focus was ‘Design an Animal Enclosure’ and pupils were set the task of designing or making an area in which an animal of their choice could live happily. We had a huge array of posters and models which have been displayed in the Hall for parents, carers and children to view. A huge well done and thank you to everyone who participated – the children have really enjoyed sharing their fantastic work.

During Science Week, our Year 5 pupils visited Cromwell Community College to try and solve a mystery through forensic activities which included chromatography, flame tests and finger print and fibre analysis. Year 6 were visited by a member of staff from Cromwell who led a captivating session on the heart and its function and included heart dissection.  The Raptor Centre brought birds of prey (including a Barn Owl, an Eagle Owl and a Harris Hawk) into school and gave very informative talks, finishing with a superb flying display in the Hall. The Mad Science team presented an ’Air All Around Us' assembly. Zinc Zoe and Jurassic Jill created chemical changes in 'Slime Time' with children from Pre-School to Year 2! Our Key Stage Two children explored ‘Lights... Colour… Action’ discovering how light is refracted and learning about chromatography. Lion Learners came in to teach us about habitats and adaptation by allowing us to handle a wide range of familiar and exotic pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, a tortoise, a corn snake and a blue-tongued skink!

Mr and Mrs Dring incubated some chicken eggs in school so that we could observe them hatch and learn about the lifecycle. The children eagerly awaited the first signs of hatching and had the opportunity to see them break out of the shells. They learned how to care for the chicks and were able to handle them when they were only a few hours old. An incredible experience for all pupils!

Mrs Laver, from the Environment Agency, came in to talk about eels and how they live locally.  She included historical facts and explained how they migrate.  Mr Richmond, a parent who works in the Royal Air Force, provided an insight into fibre optics by allowing us to see inside the cabling and shining light through the fibre. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved and helped to make the whole week such a memorable one for all of our children! Thank you to Mrs Taylor, our Science Subject Lead/Year 5 Teacher, for
co-ordinating another rewarding Science Week!