Science Week

18th March 2022
Science Week is a highlight of the school year when pupils participate in a wide range of scientific learning enhanced by visitors to school.
The Raptor Centre came along with birds of prey, including a Barn Owl, a Little Owl and a Harris Hawk, and gave informative talks which culminated in a flying display in the school hall.  The Animal Experience helped us to learn about habitats and adaptation whilst allowing us to handle both familiar and exotic pets including a millipede, a bearded dragon, a hissing cockroach, a stick insect and a range of snakes. 
Science teachers from a local secondary school came to teach our Year 5 pupils about the heart and lungs and included a dissection.  Our Year 6 pupils used a Van de Graaff generator to create static electricity as well as investigating chromatography.  Roz Wade and her colleagues from the Museum of Zoology, University of Cambridge, led a session on minibeasts with our Year 3 pupils.  They found a range of different creatures within the school grounds and enjoyed looking at them close up.  Year 2 also enjoyed spending time looking for minibeasts in our Science Garden.  Year 1 enjoyed lots of activities particularly bubble blowing!  Year 4 pupils used their knowledge of properties of materials to design and create a parachute and basket which would protect an egg as it travelled to the ground.  They also designed and built their own balloon powered cars and then attempted to improve their designs.
All classes were involved in a range of scientific activities, as our photographs below show.  Thank you to all staff for organising the sessions and to Mrs Bayes, our Deputy Headteacher, for liaising with our fantastic visitors!