Science Week 2021

12th March 2021
This year's Science Week coincided with the full reopening of schools on 8th March.  Despite all the Covid-19 restrictions in place, the week was very much enjoyed by pupils and staff.
All year groups enjoyed a forty minute online display and talk by the Raptor Centre.  We learnt about five different birds (including Basil the barn owl, Topaz the tawny owl, and Spike the Harris hawk), their habitats, how they hunt and what they eat.
Videos were specially recorded for the week by Professor Harrison about his work at The University of Cambridge with NASA and the Mars Perseverance Mission, by Dr Taylor about his work as a geologist and microscopes and Dr Starkey about her work involving space volcanoes.  Thank you to all three for giving their time and contributing to our learning through their interesting and informative presentations.
During the week, teachers and teaching assistants led a range of exciting activities including:
Pre-School - making lava, floating and sinking, colour-mixing and  pipette rainbows;
Reception - constructing helicopters and making lava and volcanic eruptions using cola and mints;
Year 1 - investigating materials which float or sink, finding out how absorbent different materials are, looking at the different layers of the ocean and constructing contraptions;
Year 2 - studying Rachel Carson, a marine biologist, and linking this to ocean habitats, finding out about Mary Anning, a paleontologist, and writing non-chronological reports on nocturnal animals;
Year 3 - studying famous scientists and creating a fact file on Sir Isaac Newton, learning about Thomas Edison and making electrical circuits and learning about Charles Darwin's journeys
Year 4 - making plastic from milk, cornflour slime and fizzy drinks and making poo and poo from the past;
Year 5 - learning about the aurora borealis and creating associated artwork, making mini kites to fly indoors in relation to work on air resistance, exploring the Mars mission, creating kitchen roll rainbows, finding out about the astronaut Mae Jemison and the lives of Sir Isaac Newton, Sir David Attenborough and Stephen Hawking;
Year 6 - investigating the questions, 'What is a scientist?' and 'What is a geologist?' and exploring the Mars landings and designing their own rover.
We were very pleased with the response to the Homework 'Architecture' Challenge across all year groups.  Many photographs were received of all types of structures, many made from a delicious looking range of biscuits!  We also had fantastic bug hotels, houses and bird feeders made from all sorts of natural and recyclable materials.  A huge well done to everyone who entered!
Thank you to Mrs Taylor, Science Subject Lead and Year 5 Teacher, who co-ordinated the week, to all staff for organising the various activities and leading them with such enthusiasm and for our virtual visitors.  The children very much enjoyed taking part in Science Week 2021.