The Daily Mile

27th April 2017
The Daily Mile!
This morning, pupils and staff arrived on the school field at 8.30am prepared for fifteen minutes of walking, jogging or running.  Everyone chose an appropriate pace, some combining running with walking, with the aim of completing ten laps which is equivalent to a mile.   
The Daily Mile is taking place, initially, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to help increase levels of exercise whilst having fun together before the school day starts.
"It made me feel excited and ready to come into the classroom!" - Mason
"I did some of it with me big sister, Hannah." - James
"It was fun!" - Alex and Henry
"I enjoyed it a lot and I am looking forward to doing it again!" - Chloe
"I now feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead." - Nathanael
"It's a good way to keep active and healthy." - Tommie
"It was good to exercise with your friends and teachers." - Finlay
"It made me awake and alert for the day ahead." - Bella