The Phonic Fairy is here!

30th January 2019
The Phonic Fairy lives on library shelves sprinkling books with her magic fairy dust to inspire children to read.
She can be found in Story Time Phonics, flying around with her 'book wings', transforming into all sorts of characters from fabulous books.  Otherwise known as Michelle Larbey, a former Leading English teacher and Local Authority adviser, she is now a consultant and author.
Michelle is spending three days at Lionel Walden leading a range of inspirational activities... mesmerising the children in Phonics/Reading sessions, providing ideas and professional development for staff and presenting her knowledge to parents in a workshop.  During this session, Michelle shared much information about her love of books and reading and how this passion can be shared with children. 
Thank you to all those parents, carers and grandparents of our children in Pre-School, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who came along and participated in the activities.  Your feedback was very positive and we are pleased you found it both enjoyable and beneficial with ideas to use at home.
"I enjoyed spending time learning new ways to encourage reading."
"The Phonic Fairy made it so much fun for me and my son - he loved her.  She made learning fun and was very creative."
"An excellent presentation from the Phonic Fairy.  The activities were very engaging and we enjoyed it very much."
"The Phonic Fairy was inspirational and we will definitely be using her methods at home."
"The Phonic Fairy was so enthusiastic and passionate about everything and explained phonics in a way that helped me understand."
"Michelle is amazing.  She explained vey well how important books and reading are.  She provided lots of new and different ideas."
"The session was really interactive and it was great to see my child so enthusiastic."