Year 5 pupils perform Molly Dancing

3rd April 2019
Our Year 5 pupils performed several dances, a short play and two songs for our Key Stage Two children this afternoon and then for parents and family members this evening.
Gordon Phillips, Nicky Stockman and Colin Turner have been coming into school this term to teach the children a range of traditional molly dances together with historical stories of the local area.  Nicky accompanied the children dancing by playing the melodeon.  They were also joined today by Erin Brown.  The children performed the Mississippi Mud Dance, Cross Hand Polka and Birds-a-building brilliantly, remembering all the steps and clapping patterns.  Six children also performed the Fenland Broom Dance with great skill and dexterity!  They sang Farmer's Boy, Rolling Home and Halfpenny and performed 'The Tale of Mucky Porter', a true story of how the Porter family acquired land from King Charles II.
Thank you to everyone involved and special thanks to Caragh, a Year 6 pupil, who stepped in at the very last minute to take the place of an absent pupil - she remembered all the steps from last year and danced superbly!
"It was a great experience and it was exciting to be chosen for the special dances."
"The dances required lots of teamwork in sets - we had to rely on each other.  I really enjoyed it."
"I very much enjoyed learning about history from our local area through the different stories."
"I really enjoyed playing a character in the play."
"I enjoyed choosing my costume!"