Young Enterprise Fiver Challenge June 2015

Our Year 6 pupils have, once again, taken part in the Fiver Challenge, Young Enterprise's nationwide contest for primary schools, aimed at inspiring creativity and developing enterprising attitudes and behaviours in young people.
The Fiver Challenge, supported by Virgin Money, is a fun and engaging initative that provides pupils with a pledge of £5 each.  The pupils are challenged to set up mini businesses to create products or services that they can then sell or deliver at a profit and engage with their local community. This challenge introduces our pupils to the world of enterprise and helps to build important employability skills, such as risk-taking, team-working, problem-solving, communication and financial literacy, which they can continue to develop at secondary school and beyond.
Our pupils, who worked collaboratively in small teams, had one month to plan their business, which included designing a logo, a sales pitch, advertising material and trade stand.  They were responsible for keeping track of the finances.
The month of planning and producing culminated in the teams selling their products to the other pupils at our school and also to parents after school.  The range of products included chocolate-covered fruit kebabs, smoothies, cookies and flavoured popcorn - all home-made!  Everything tasted delicious and customers were very satisfied!
At the end of the month, each team worked out their finances and repaid their pledges together with a suggested 50p legacy donation to the Fiver Bank so more young people can participate next year.  Our pupils chose the option of donating their profits to charity and so Macmillan Cancer Support received the sum of £92.64.
Well done to all Year 6 pupils.  They worked successfully together, learnt lots about the world of enterprise and made a fantastic donation to charity!