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Our Governing body
Jo Dale - Chair
Andrew Naughton - Vice Chair & Local Authority
Steve Abey - Headteacher
Caroline Buckle - Co-opted
Veronica Cronin - Co-opted
Kerry Bailey - Parent
Rhian Freear - Parent
Kay Naughton - Staff
Natalie Bayes - Associate Member & Deputy Headteacher
Governor Profiles
In 1994 I became a parent governor at Lionel Walden Primary School and am now a Local Authority governor. I have lived in Doddington for 32 years.
My reason for first becoming a governor was because I wanted to be actively involved in school life at a time when our two daughters were being educated at Lionel Walden and to have a better understanding of the many changes that were being made within the education system at the time. Our daughters enjoyed an excellent education at Lionel Walden and our eldest went on to become a primary school teacher which is positive testimony to her time at Lionel Walden. After they left, I was keen to continue providing help and support to the school and to ensure all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. After 26 years, changes within the education system continue apace and despite the many and varied challenges encountered, the school remains as focused today as ever in providing children with the best possible start in life.
Having previously worked in the financial sector, I was encouraged from the start to become involved with school finances and I have been Chair of the Finance Committee for most of my time as a school governor. I am also Vice Chair of the Governing Board and have responsibility for Pupil Premium activity.
I have recently transferred to a co-opted governor having previously served for eight years as a parent governor at Lionel Walden Primary School. When I joined, my own two children were pupils at the school but they have since moved on to their secondary education locally. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a governor which made my decision to remain in post, once I could no longer serve as a parent governor, an easy one.
I am currently the link governor with responsibility for the curriculum and I also sit on the appointments panel. I enjoy both of these different roles.
The main reason for wanting to take on this very challenging role was to have an input into children’s education which is ever evolving. I felt that I would like gain a better understanding of primary education in order to help the transition process for young people as I work in a secondary school and having this background in education has assisted me in my role as a governor. I assist with Year 6 transition so I have gained lots of knowledge over the years working with many other local primary schools.
I remain committed and consequently attend various training courses over each academic year; these cover many aspects of what is expected of governors and the roles we undertake. I continue to attend local briefings run by Cambridgeshire County Council so that my knowledge remains up to date at all times.
I share the school's joint vision to make sure we are ambitious for each and every one of our pupils and their achievements are at the heart of everything we do as we strive to recognise, nurture and reward these. We are as proud of our social and sporting achievements as well as our academic performance. The successes we enjoy are due to the strong partnership we are proud to hold between children, parents, staff and governors alike.
I feel very proud of what we have achieved during my time here as a governor and very much look forward to the new challenges that we will no doubt be facing during the coming years.
My name is Veronica Cronin and I have been a governor at Lionel Walden since 2010 when I was first elected as a parent governor while my daughter attended the school. I currently serve on the Governing Board as Link Governor for Special Education Need and Disability (SEND).
I have been a primary school teacher for over twenty years and during that time I have also been a SENDCo (co-ordinator for Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and a member of the senior leadership team. I currently work for Cambridgeshire County Council within the Education Directorate, People and Communities as a Specialist Teacher. I advise and support primary schools and early years settings with their provision to meet the needs of pupils with SEND.
I also deliver training to schools and settings around different aspects of SEND relating to the four areas of need: Communication and Interaction (C&I); Cognition and Learning (C&L); Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH); and Sensory and/Physical Needs (P&SN). I am also a Lead Trainer for the Autism Education Trust (AET).
I love my job as I feel that I am making a difference to some of society’s most vulnerable pupils.
As SEND Link Governor, I am a critical friend supporting Ruth Wilson, the SENDCo. We aim to meet once a term, as a minimum, to evaluate the school provision for SEND and other vulnerable groups.
I am still involved in Scouting but slightly further afield than Doddington (London).
My ethos is to help every child, especially those with SEND, to help identify their need and direct appropriate support enabling them to progress and reach their full potential as members of our school and the wider community.
I have been employed at Lionel Walden Primary School as a Teaching Assistant since 1996 and have been a governor since 1998. My two daughters, who are now adults themselves, both attended this school and have fond memories of these formative years. My husband and I have recently become very proud grandparents for the first time.
I am the Senior Teaching Assistant and have a leading role in managing and deploying the team of thirteen Teaching Assistants. My enthusiasm for working at the school gave me the drive to want to learn more and involve myself in the work of the Governing Board. Twenty-two years later, having seen the school grow to what it is today, I still have that same enthusiasm.
I am involved with so much of what the school provides. My expertise comes from the length of time working here across all age ranges and all curriculum areas, however, in recent years my expertise is very much in Year 6. I am involved with Computing and PSHE which are key areas of the curriculum.
Every day I witness the day-to-day running of the school and help to promote and embed decisions made by the Governing Board. I feel my experience is highly beneficial and informative to the Governing Board.

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Head N/A September 2022 N/A Member of Staff None None
Natalie Bayes
April 2015
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Caroline Buckle
School Improvement
Co-opted Governing Board June 2019
June 2023
None None None
Veronica Cronin
September 2019
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Joanne Dale
Appointments Co-opted Governing Body September 2019 September 2023 None None Daughter - Georgina Dale (Teaching Assistant) 
Gary Croxon   Parent Elected June 2018 Term Expired June 2022      
Stuart Cave   Parent Elected June 2018 Term Expired June 2022      
Paul Richmond School Improvement Parent Governing Board September  2020 Jan 2023 - resigned      
Andrew Naughton
Finance (Chair) Local Authority Local Authority November 2021 November 2025 None None
Wife: Kay Naughton (HLTA/
Sister-in-law: Lynn Clarke (Finance Manager)
Kay Naughton
School Improvement
Staff Elected June 2021 June 2025 Member of Staff None
Husband: Andy Naughton (Governor)
Sister: Lynn Clarke (Finance Manager)
Kerry Bailey School Improvement Parent Elected September 2022 September 2026 None None
Sister:  Natasha Billimore (Class Teacher)
Sarah Royston   Parent Elected September 2022
September 2026
resigned 4/7/23
None None
Emily Patrick-Brown   Parent Elected February 2023
February 2027
resigned 7/3/23
  Thomas Eaton PS, Wimblington
Elaine Stratford   Clerk    September 2022   None  None
Rhian Freer   Parent Elected November 2023 October 2027 None None