Beauty and the Beast Pantomime


19th January 2024

'Absolutely fantastic', 'Really enjoyed it' and 'Just brilliant' were some of the comments from our pupils at the end of the Beauty and Beast Pantomine produced by M and M Productions.
Today, the whole school enjoyed a pantomine paid for by our LWSA. M and M productions came along with their set, costumes, music and jokes to entertain us with a version of Beauty and the Beast. Thank you to all the LWSA and parents for their amazing fundraising and enabling us to provide this experience for our pupils.
Year 1 pupils talked about how they enjoyed the silly jokes and dancing. 
Pupils in Year 3 were excited by the scenery, joining in the songs and the funny actions of the characters.
Year 4 were amazed at the many costume changes of the four actors and all chanted that it was the best panto they had ever seen!
Pupils in Year 5 said how amazing it was and so funny. They also liked all the songs and joining in with the actions.
Thank you to everyone who made the event possible!