Year 2 Skills Escalator Day


10th June 2024

The Skills Escalator Days (SEDs) are an idea to boost career related learning. What began as a trial in Haverhill back in 2022 is now an becoming a regular part of the Year 2 primary school calendar across the region, expanding year on year and having such a huge impact on the aspirations of local children. 

So, what are Skills Escalator Days? Essentially they are a series of age-appropriate, practical hands-on activities for children, run by representatives from local businesses, government, and industry, around their respective sectors to directly link school children with the world of work, to allow them to see and talk to people from the world of work and to build in them a lifelong curiosity and passion for the world of work. 

Our pupils had the opportunity to join in with career related learning provided by:

MJS Construction

Royal Air Force



Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue

So much fun and learning was had by all!