Payment System

School Gateway
The school uses an online payment system called School Gateway to manage payments for things like lunches, trip and events.  
Please ensure that you download the app using one of the links below.  Alternatively, you can search for 'School Gateway' in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Apple App Store:

Google Play Store:

  • Once downloaded, please sign up using the link at the bottom of the log in screen on the app. Your sign in details will need to match the details that we hold on our system.  Use the email address that the school hold for you to sign up.  You will also need to enter your mobile phone number.
  •        If it comes back as an error, then your details do not match what we have on our system. Please contact us for support to rectify the error. 
  •        Agree to getting notifications as this will help in the future if you receive any messages.
  •        That’s it!  You should all be set up to make payments
If you require any assistance, then please contact the school office and we will be glad to help.