Year 5 Assembly and Parent Workshop


1st February 2024

Year 5 Class Assembly and Parent Workshop
Year 5 became Professors, Recycling Rangers and Plastic Monsters as they shared a lot of information about pollution and how we can make changes to protect our planet. 
They shared their amazing persuasive texts that they had written to Mr Steven Barclay, our local MP and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, sharing their concerns about the damage pollution is doing and requesting immediate action from the Government. 
Well done Mrs McLean and Year 5!
Parents were then invited in to the classroom to work with their child to create a collage using water colours and a range of plastic rubbish! They painted a watercolour ocean and used the rubbish to make a marine mammal or fish that was half filled with rubbish to highlight some of the facts we had learnt during the assembly. 
Look at some of the amazing artwork created together.