Reception Parent Workshop - Outdoor Learning


11th March 2024

Reception Forest School/Outdoor Learning Workshop - Monday 11th March 2024 
A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who were able to come along to our workshop today.
It was an opportunity to find out about the importance of outdoor learning and to join in a range of activities alongside the children. The session started with a boundary game followed by a welcome song and a wide range of activities. They included den building, using ropes to swing and climb on, weaving, foraging, mud, painting using spices and more. 
The feedback from the adults was extremely positive with parents stating the following:
Lovely to be outdoors;
Just goes to show that you don't need expensive toys. Look at what you can do with a piece of bark;
Look at the children getting on, working together, asking questions and working it out;
Teaching the children that the weather doesn't hold you back;
Learning life skills together;
Good to allow more active learning;
Wish they had this when I was at school.
Look at all the fun and learning had by all!