Year 3 Sleepover in School


3rd May 2024

Year 3 Sleepover in School
Last night, we welcomed our Year 3 pupils back to school for an evening of games and fun. 
They played may games including hunt the cone which kept us busy working in teams and exploring the school and grounds. Fun was had playing musical statues, roll the dice, roll the lemon, beanbag coconut shy and wink murder.
By then we were ready to settle down so we made our beds, grabbed our snacks and settled down to watch Ice Age, The Collision Course. 
Finally, Mrs Harrison read a soothing bedtime story as we fell asleep.
Mr Abey, Mrs Bayes, Mrs Harrison, Mrs North and Mrs Hewitt, were so impressed with all Year 3 as they fell asleep very quickly and remained asleep until nearly 6am!
Well done Year 3!