Healthy Week


10th February 2023

Healthy Week 2023
Healthy Week is an annual event when all pupils are encouraged to participate in a wider range of physical activities, both in and out of school, as well as learning about how to care for their minds and bodies. 

Lesson focus on the benefits of regular exercise, practising good hygiene, following a healthy balanced diet and the importance of maintaining positive mental health. 

This year, we had a well-being day when specialist coaches led sessions on mindfulness and yoga. FE Fitness (a parent and personal trainer) led some Bootcamp activities, Mrs Shepherd ( a parent and Zumba instructor) led some Zumba sessions. There were also opportunities to take part in Ballet and Dance sessions. Matt Waters, from Chatteris Cycling Club, led some cycling sessions for our Years 5 and 6 pupils. Reception and Year 1 pupils have enjoyed developing a variety of skills through the Rugbytots programme. 

Thank you to Miss Bennett (PE Subject Lead) for organising the week’s events and to everyone who supported us in any way.