LWSA Challenge 2022


28th February 2022

The LWSA (Lionel Walden School Association) encouraged pupils to participate in a sponsored challenge to raise £22 each.
Pupils were invited to choose any activity and complete the challenge by 22nd February 2022 (2.2.22).
The challenges were varied and creative and included some children carrying out the following:
  • Completing their 22nd park run by the end of February
  • Being active and exercising for 22 minutes a day for 20 days
  • Doing 20 sit-ups for 22 days
  • Running for 22km between 20th January and 22nd February
  • A 22 minute long litter pick
  • Swimming 22 lengths
  • Walking 22,000 steps
  • Completing 22 jobs in one day
  • Riding a bicycle for 2.22km
  • Doing 22 star jumps
  • Holding an art exhibition
  • Reading books
  • Doing 22 cartwheels
  • Making and selling clay monsters
  • Trying 22 new foods
  • Scoring 22 goals
  • Doing 22 roly-polies/head over heels
  • Washing cars
  • Doing football training practices
  • Holding cake stalls - some children made 22 chocolate brownies, 22 cookies, etc. and sold them outside their home even in the rain!
The LWSA committee and school staff would like to say A HUGE WELL DONE and THANK YOU to all who took part.  Thank you also to the anonymous person who made a very generous donation to bring the total sum raised to an incredible £2,022!