Year 6 Bikeabilty


19th June 2023


During the week of the 12th June, many of our Year 6 class took part in the Bikeability training throughout the week. The aim of Bikeability is to teach safe cycling on the road.

We started on our school playground for a test to make sure we were safe enough to ride on the road. When we got on the road, we mainly practised different types of turns and signals while still pedalling. Some types of turns we did were a U turn, left turn and right turn. To indicate we were turning we would put our arm out in the direction we were turning in. We also did an  'ABCD check'- it is when you air, brakes, chain and direction check.  We also did a head-to-toe check, checking our helmets, clothes and shoes to make sure we had the right gear.

All the children completed the course and will be given a certificate and a badge to show their success.