Zoology Visit

6th July 2021
Our Year 5 Class received a visit today as part of a school outreach programme being run by the Zoology Museum - University of Cambridge.
Roz and Matt led the session outside in our Science Garden where we had the time to discover and observe the diverse range of minibeasts that live in our school grounds.  The session started with us hunting for wooden green, blue and brown butterflies that had been hidden; this was an opportunity for us to learn about camouflage as the blue and green butterflies were much easier to spot than the brown ones.  Matt then showed us how to use large beating nets to search the long grass for minibeasts.  We were amazed to find and catch a froglet, butterflies, true bugs, a parasitic wasp and some spiders.  We then looked under logs to find other minibeasts such as slugs, millipedes, stag beetles, earwigs, woodlice and worms.  We used small containers to collect the minibeasts and were then able to observe them up close. 
We are very grateful to the Zoology Museum for letting us be part of this project and for taking the time to visit us.  We had a lovely time and now have a greater appreciation of the wildlife that can be found in our school grounds.